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It is accepted, that Sun is the ultimate source of all energy. Advanced science and technology has been implemented in solar batteries designed. The solar energy is trapped inside the solar panels and stored as the electrical energy that can be reused for several appliances at crucial times.

Range Available from 40AH to 240AH


  • Batteries are designed to withstand frequent and long power cuts
  • Assembled in polypropylene containers with plate holding cradles
  • Extra thick tubular plates
  • Thick tubular plate spines are of low antimony alloy for super fine grain structure and minimized grid corrosion at high temperatures
  • Negative plates are of low antimony alloy
  • Micro porous ceramic vent cum sealed float plugs to reduce topping up frequency
  • Resistance to corrosion and high ambient temperature
  • Low self discharge
  • Deep cycle design


  • Solar and wind energy storage
  • Solar Street and traffic lights
  • UPS with long backup
  • Telecommunications power supply
  • Power stations systems and Power plants
  • Electric and recreational vehicles
  • Golf carts
  • Marine boats and equipments
  • Medical equipments
  • Radar and satellite stations
  • Radar signaling systems


Luminous, Okaya, Micropower, Magnus, JC

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