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How to Behave When Playing on a Casino Table

The first-time experience is something no one is likely to forget. It is a memory that gets etched on to your brain, evoking emotions from the moments that make you recall the incidents. If you have been to a casino, you might vividly remember the first night you spent on the poker table or slot machine. The overall mood lifts to put you in a reverie of sorts, spreading smiles with every drink fixed and each bet placed. No one pays to get upset in a casino. So, you shouldn’t be the reason for another gambler’s bad day. Every gambler must make sure not to intrude on others’ space, ensuring a good time for everyone at the casino.


One should know their limits in order to have an entertaining gambling night. Certain etiquette and rules must be followed when you are in a casino. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced player; these apply to everyone. Unless you make a wise decision about the money you want to spend and the words you use, the sessions can get chaotic. Here are a few rules you must follow when playing a table game.

General Table Rules

  • Learn to be polite to everyone around you, especially the dealer and your opponents. Greet them when you are joining a table, and remain composed without getting too temperamental with the progress of the game. The tantrums may affect others; it is also not a decent way of behaving with the dealers or waitresses.
  • Never give the money to the dealer when playing a game. The security system might capture these gestures and take strict action against the players.
  • Remain seated when you want a drink. Do not roam around in the casino ordering a new round of drinks. Wait for the cocktail waitresses to fetch your order and serve it on the table.
  • Make sure to keep your phones away when playing on a table. Security issues and distraction are good enough reasons to turn the phone off.
  • You don’t have all the time in the world to place your bet. Other players could get morose and irritated when you take more than a minute to decide on a betting option.
  • Do not touch your coins always. This might make for a wrong impression that you are changing the bets after the announcement of the outcome.

Various Games

1. Roulette

  • Ask for roulette chips as soon as you join the table since those used on this table aren’t available at the counter.
  • Create a neat stack of your betting coins.
  • Cash out the chips when you exit the game.


2. Craps

  • Bet on the dice when it is still rolling on the table.
  • Do not overthrow the dice; hurl it only to touch the other side of the wall.
  • Keep your hands away from the box.

3. Blackjack

  • Ask before you join a table that has an ongoing game.
  • Do not touch the cards on the table.
  • Learn the gestures and lingo before joining the table.

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